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Don't Take Our Word For It...

Every year, the members and guests of Coast Fitness are asked to participate in a 100% confidential Member Survey.  A wide range of questions are asked, including their thoughts and impressions of our facility, equipment, services and staff.

Below are the results of our 2016 Member Survey and some  of our member's unsolicited testimonials concerning their experiences at Coast Fitness.
96.5% of those surveyed gave high marks and praise. 82.8% saying everyone cares and we have the best staff ever.
96.7% of those surveyed gave us a very clean to spotless rating. Almost 50% gave us the highest rating.
94.4% say we met expectations with over 44% indicating we not only exceeded expectations, but wished they joined years ago.
Very nice local club, has pretty much everything I need.

I like that the gym is the perfect size and not impersonal like Genesis et al.

It feels relaxed, but you know everyone is very professional and knowledgeable. Love that different classes are offered, and that there is Childcare.Lots of variety in terms of choices to keep fit.

Great staff and they are there if you need any help - plenty of equipment and very good socially.

Has a genuine atmosphere of a place to get fit no matter your starting point, rather than a competitive, body beautiful place where the average person can feel embarrassed if they don't measure up.

Avery relaxed friendly but very attentive on training, gym, I love it!

I really enjoy your club. The members are considerate and polite (no big egos, and a place like that is hard to find these days) and the staff are very friendly, happy and always helpful.

The customer service is the best I have ever seen.

Atmosphere is very important without it I would be part of the gym. The staff have always been helpful.

Always good and free flowing advise. A great place for me to de-stress and enjoy members company. I don't have any complaints. A great club.

Great little gym close to home.

Family oriented and supports ageing and health. Always has lots of diverse age ranges there, so targeted for everyone.

You Owe It To Yourself...

Give Us A Try!

The fact there are no posers and show offs makes it a great place to train, there is ample equipment to get done what I want to and the staff are great and helpful. In all its one of the better places I have trained in. 

Clean and tidy and I enjoy training there. I really enjoy the relaxed, no fuss, no pose atmosphere.

Intimate, friendly and devoid of steroid boys!

Convenient, like the squash court, like the staff/owner, close to home, all good.

Very well equipped and great staff.

Its a good size, the staff are friendly and helpful, it's conveniently close to home but also on the way to work.

A gym has always figured in my life wherever I have lived or worked for almost 50 years. Your gym ticks many boxes in respect of equipment, staff, business hours and price. It suits my needs and I will happily remain a member as long as my body and my pocket hold out. 

It is a warm, friendly and supportive place to work out. I love the lack of pretense.

The staff are fantastic and what keep me coming back. I love it. As long as everything is in working order it's all good.

Love the friendly atmosphere and everyone is really helpful. Keep up your good work!

I really enjoy the friendliness, open space, size and variety of equipment. I love the space upstairs also, for ab work, stretching, and separate set of machines when I want something different and away from the 'hubbub'.

Great spot,great people relaxed friendly gym.

Friendly and helpful staff,well priced, well maintained and lots of equipment.

I like the personal service and the community feel about it. And good facilities in an open and bright environment.

I like the personal touch, staff know my name, know something about me and engage me in conversation, they can answer my training , there is no pressure to sign up for something I don't really want or need. Thank you.

All staff are very approachable and helpful. Love the MetaFit classes and that you continually strive to improve everything in the club. Thanks!

Just the kind of club I was looking for...relaxed, friendly, easy-going with all the equipment I want.
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