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What Are YOU Looking For in a Great Fitness Centre?

First and foremost, you want the equipment, people and programmes to achieve your health and fitness goals. It is important to have a great selection of well maintained exercise equipment, a professional staff that can help you make the most of it, and other services and amenities to help you look and feel great!

We offer an extensive assortment of services and equipment. A partial listing is outlined below. As we are constantly upgrading our fitness centre, please contact us to obtain a current listing of our equipment and amenities.
Family Atmosphere

Friendly Experienced Staff 

Senior and Student Rates

Corporate Memberships

Plunge Pool 

Male /Female Saunas

Small Group Fitness

Beginners Programmes

Treadmills & Ellipticals

Upright & Recumbent Bikes

Free Weights

Weight Machines
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Squash & Tennis Courts

Personal Assessment


Private Showers

Towel Service

Nutritional Guidance

Strength Equipment

Olympic Bars/Benches

Personal Training 

Keiser Air Express Circuit

and so much more!

Outdoor Member Lounge

Coast Fitness at Trinity is not your traditional gym or fitness centre.

We invite you to enjoy our Member Lounge Area.  Before, during or after your workout you can enjoy this area to relax and cool down.

Overlooking our plunge pool, this outdoor area is the perfect place to unwind, enjoy a beverage or just relax with other members or guests.

Come and enjoy!

Plunge Pool and Sauna

Members and their guests can enjoy our relaxing pool and invigorating sauna as part of their time at Coast Fitness.

Whether you unwind after your workout or tennis match, our pool and saunas are available to all.

Personal Training and Programmes

Our team of qualified and experienced trainers are ready to get you in your best shape ever with one on one PT sessions, 
group training and programmes designed to take the guesswork out of training. 

Strength, Weight loss, HIIT and Core training are just some of our specialties!

Heart Starter

Heart Starter ... is just the beginning.

Heart starter is the ideal programme for someone new to the gym scene or getting back in to exercise after a long break. We’ll get you underway with an easy circuit based programme that combines cardio and resistance training. 

The aim of the Heart starter programme is to familiarise you with the Gym and to get you comfortable in what might seem like a foreign country to some!

Heart starter is just what the doctor ordered as a beginners programme, but also works very effectively for more advanced training, and ideally you will start to see great results in 4 to 6 weeks

The heart starter programme will do all the good things you know your heart needs at the same time as burning fat, taking centimetres off your waist and generally getting you feeling good all over.

In Touch Fitness Management

In Touch is a Fitness Management System designed to teach you how to train safely and effectively ensuring you get the results you want through a combination of one on one training, small group sessions and ongoing programme adjustments. 

In the first consultation we’ll discuss your training goals, conduct the first of a series of assessments and get the programme underway at the level that suits you best. 

It does not matter if you're a first-timer or an old hand we’ll assess your baseline fitness and then your Fitness Coach will guide you through your program every step of the way.
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