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Mike Morrisson -
Owner /Manager

Strength and Conditioning Level 1

When I opened the Coast Watcher Gym at Trinity Beach in 1985 Jane Fonda was the exercise Guru and Arnold Schwarzenegger dominated the pages of Bodybuilding magazines. 

Thankfully the Gym game and Trinity Beach have come a long way since then! Gyms were a young scene in the 80’s, now we have an age spectrum that runs from kids in their teens to kids in their 70+’s. 

I like to think Coast Fitness is genuinely about offering “Something for everybody” that combines fun and fitness.  

Steve Morrisson -
Owner/ Manager

Strength and Conditioning Level 1 and 2
Sports Trainer Level 1 and 2
Olympic Weightlifting Level 1

Like a lot of Aussie kids playing sport (Rugby,Cricket,Martial Arts,Boxing,Weightlifting) was a big part of my life and fitness seemed to come easy until I reached my late twenties when I realised that the older I got the more I had to work at it. 

This has influenced my outlook on developing our fitness centre as a facility that caters for all ages and all levels from the beginner to the dedicated athlete. 

While our trainers do most of the hands on work with clients these days I still enjoy training and introducing clients to the possibilities and potentials that come from healthy lifestyles and functional fitness.

Marg Fogarty -
Office Manager

Administration Cert 4
Massage Therapist

Margie looks after the office and day to day administration of the centre and actually trains in the Gym more than most clients and certainly more than all the staff. 

Marg is a qualified remedial massage therapist and takes a keen interest in and is always happy to chat about healthy eating, organic gardening and health matters generally. 

Dione Reed -

Cert 4 in Fitness
Group Fitness Instructor
METAFIT Instructor

Dione Reed is a fitness Industry professional with a passion for inspiring and motivating her clients to achieve genuinely life changing results.

As a regular participant in triathlon and distance running events, Dione understands the importance of rising to the challenge and the growth that comes from pushing out of your comfort zone.

“Healthy body ,healthy mind is what it's all about. With regular exercise, healthy eating and loads of LAUGHS we can all aim to live a long and healthy life with family and friends.” 

Joe Allas -

Cert 4 in Fitness
Group Fitness Instructor

As a fully qualified Trainer with over 10 years’ experience in the Fitness Industry, Joe sees variety as a key component of his training approach and loves High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) for clients with busy lifestyles. 

“H.I.I.T training helps you get a lot done in a relatively short time frame. This style of training can be applied to both cardio and strength training to really get your heart pumping and boost your metabolism. The health benefits that can be achieved in 20 minutes, or less, are enormous”. 

Joe believes exercise should be approached from a holistic point of view and that you won’t achieve wellness through mere physical activity. “Health is a process that requires equilibrium of physical dedication, nutritional requirements, education, mental focus and clarity. And attitude is everything, so get a good one”.
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